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A S.T.A.T professional development course for teachers and students by Michael Hardwicke.
At FELLSIDE, Kendal, Cumbria.

On this course you will address how your mental model (views/images) contributes to the way you hold and use yourself and how it influences your ability to release and direct

You will explore -

  • Models that enhance your functioning
  • A more “joined up” and “dynamic” sense of your structure
  • Getting to know your spine as a segmented, elastic, substantial dynamic structure.
  • Finding subtlety and refinement at your crucial 1st neck segment which is the nature of your poise
  • Atlas Axis and sub-occipital muscles
  • Sacrum bone – the root and foundation of spine and anchor for the UP
  • Multifidus - essential for the healthy spine
  • Developing clarity of your own spine - the curves
  • Connecting front and back
  • Connection of ribs and the breathing spine
  • Clarifying FM’s primary direction by this dynamic view of the spine.
  • Procedures to invite a more dynamic spine
  • Letting this dynamic model inform your hands-on practice

Michael’s work provides an opportunity to understand in a "living" way some of the basic anatomy that informs and clarifies our Alexander work .
His teaching has always included a good understanding of how skeletal anatomy reveals what the Alexander directions are and forms a grounding in connecting mind and body. Michael’s teaching includes "living" anatomy i.e. the intention is not head knowledge but real hands-on, find-and-feel anatomy using visualisation, model making and other tools that give us an accurate sense of what we really are.

Emphasis will be on how we can use this understanding in teaching.

COST - £60.00

Michael Hardwicke is Co-Director of the Cumbria Alexander Training. He teaches anatomy on the training course and also uses it as a basis for teaching the Technique at many different levels.

For further information contact:
Michael Hardwicke on 015395 31781    Email: michael@fmalexandertechnique.co.uk

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