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Lessons in the Alexander Technique
with Michael Hardwicke

You can learn the Alexander Technique through one-to-one lessons. This setting provides a good opportunity for your individual needs to be addressed.

The number of lessons you take will depend on your particular needs and goals, and these can be discussed. Learning the Alexander Technique involves changing long-standing habits, so improvement relies in part on your active participation. A course of 20 to 30 regular lessons can provide a good foundation for on-going self-discovery for most people.

The term "lesson" can sound a bit formal but makes the distinction that this is not a treatment in the usual sense. As the pupil you are not passive but actually in charge of the process. You are given encouragement and support to make the gradually changes that application of the Technique brings about.

During lessons Michael uses simply anatomical images of our basic structure to help bring mind and body together. Along with guiding touch this helps you rediscover balance and ease within yourself. You start by working with simple movements and positions - such as sitting, walking, or bending the knee -that are basic to all activity. Through experience and observation, you learn how your coordination works - how you create tension and how you can prevent or release it.

This awareness enables you to change long-standing habits and so function more efficiently. In time and with practice you will be able to use your new understanding and skill in more complex and demanding activities and situations in your daily life. You can bring awareness and poise to anything you do.

Alexander lessons involve some movement, so you may be asked to wear non-restrictive clothing and remove your shoes. A lesson usually lasts about 45mins.

Lessons now available on line/Zoom

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Much of the above is based upon STAT Lessons.

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