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Quotation at Fellside Alexander School
Kendal, Cumbria

The Fellside Alexander Technique Course provides a unique opportunity to explore the Alexander Technique in depth. Much of the considerable experience and ways of communicating the Technique at Fellside are employed. You learn to consciously prevent unwanted, unnecessary and harmful habits of muscular tension and effort in a supportive environment. The way you learn the Alexander Technique on this course is through teachers’ hands-on contact, movement work, Living Alexander Anatomy, voice sessions, individual sessions and other activities. It is an opportunity to improve the natural postural tone of your spine, your mobility and balance and significantly reduce back pain.

F. M. Alexander discovered a practical and enhancing way of coordinating body and mind in all activities. By consciously directing the way we move instead of relying on habit we can refine the way we use our muscular system and avoid strain, tension and fatigue. Practising the Alexander Technique brings more efficiency to our movements, an expansion of our attention and gives us a basic principle that can apply to many areas of our lives.

The teachers on the course will be Alexander Teachers who are associated with the Fellside School and the co-ordinating teacher will be Michael Hardwicke. Michael Hardwicke has been part of the Alexander School since it began in 1985 and is Co- Director of the teacher training programme.


The cost for the whole weekend will be £105. Deposit to reserve a place is £25 (cheques to : Alexander Courses).

Fellside Alexander School is situated in a 19th Century building with panoramic views over the medieval market town of Kendal, surrounded by the hills of the English Lake District.

There is a range of accommodation available if needed, including B&B, student houses and in the school itself.

Contact Michael Hardwicke 015395 31781
E mail: michael@fmalexandertechnique.co.uk




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