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The three-year Alexander Technique Teacher training course at Fellside, Kendal, Cumbria, provides an opportunity to engage in a process of self-discovery while becoming a fully qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique.

The teachers at Fellside have crafted their expertise so that your own unique qualities as a teacher are brought about. The nature of the Fellside building inspires dedication to the work and teachers are committed to bringing about the balance of self-development and professional skill in students. The Fellside Alexander school lends itself to the fusion of voice work, movement, ‘living Alexander anatomy’ and the many and varied ‘teaching techniques’ classes.

The skills of the teachers are used to encourage the fine-tuning of the students’ own coordination, based on experiencing ‘non-doing’ over the three years and hands-on contact from repeated creative and directed practice.

The Alexander Technique, in consideration of the whole person, is making more and more impact in areas of performance, sport, therapy, commerce, education and the help it brings to musculo-skeletal problems. Many exciting specialities, such as swimming, running and vision improvement for example, are arising and the scene is set for many new initiatives to appear from this basic principle of F.M. Alexander. Cumbria Alexander Training seeks to encourage and prepare the ground for your creative innovations in applying the Alexander Technique.

The Cumbria Alexander training also offers the opportunity for qualified teachers to take some post-graduate time to refresh and perhaps give the space for new opportunities in your work.

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