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There is a wide range of accommodation available. Lists of B+B, guest houses etc can be sent to you.
Beech House Hotel (01539 720385) is near the school.
Hillside (01539 722836) just a short walk from the Fellside School.
Ardrig (01539 736879)
Also used are Bridge House (01539 722041) and Headlands (01539 732464)
Or you may prefer some of the excellent Farmhouses just outside the town.
Kendal Tourist Information Centre (01539 735891) are usually very helpful.
I will also provide lists of places that provide evening meals for those going out to eat in the evenings.
For futher information see: www.golakes.co.uk

If you wish you can stay in the school and the cost is currently £10.00 per night.
We have no beds or bedrooms but there is a lot of space, cushions etc.in the various rooms.
So it's a case of bringing a sleeping bag and anything else you need.
We do have a good self-catering kitchen/cafe area and shower facilities and many people have used this option in the past. Kendal has a lot of places to eat so you can choose between using the kitchen/cafe and going out into the town.

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