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Are you missing some of your "UP"

The Alexander Technique is a process where you can learn to let go of your habitual ways of "using " yourself and allow your natural way of operating to resume it's role. Your habitual way may consist of doing too much and using shortened muscle and going against the natural way your "Up" mechanism works. This "pulling down" can make everything feel harder than it needs be and make you use even more muscular effort.

Spines have an in built capacity to lengthen. You often see this working in children. It involves a natural reflex that comes from the way your head is set up on the spine. If you don't interfere with this then you easily deal with gravity and your functioning responds accordingly. This means that your breathing then doesn't suffer from the effects of pulling down and so you can have a freer and fuller breath giving more natural vitality. Your moving system is also allowed to work freely and doesn't have to deal with such a difficult load. You therefore experience less back, knee and hip joint problems.

You may also notice at an emotional level what it is like to be going "UP" well and how different it feels. Your responses change and you are more resilient and life tends not to "get you down" in the same way when your natural "Up" is working.

Alexander teachers work on the body in a gentle way helping you release tensions and blocks that interfere with a good head/neck/back relationship. Restoring this aspect of your nature will allow this "UP" to resume is role in how you stand, sit, bend, talk and move etc.
A session in the Alexander Technique is carried out in ordinary loose-fitting clothes and usually lasts for about 45minutes.

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